Empower your kids for tomorrow by sharing the magic of The Wiz Kidz today!

             The Coalition For            Quality Children's Media         awarded the script for
The Wiz Kidz - "I Can Be A Paleontologist" with a Kids First! Recommendation and awarded the show with a Kids First! Endorsement.
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The central message of
The Wiz Kidz is that when
children truly trust and
believe in themselves,
10% of the net proceeds from your purchase will be donated to help children in need throughout the world.
A personal message from Pamela Pedder...

I'm so happy to be able to introduce you and your child to the world of The Wiz Kidz.

On the surface, The Wiz Kidz is a fun, goofy, magical children's program (eventually an ongoing series) that kids can sing along with.

But on a deeper level, the show serves as a powerful teaching tool for parents that helps us inspire our children to thrive and succeed in this dynamic, ever-changing world. The Wiz Kidz empowers children and boosts their confidence and self-esteem by introducing them to powerful concepts like the "law of attraction" and the idea that when kids truly trust and believe in themselves, they can achieve anything!

It's sort of like The Secret for kids - with songs and puppets!

Wishing you and the children in your life all the success and happiness in the world...

With joy and laughter,

P.S. Don't forget... 10% of all proceeds from The Wiz Kidz DVD will be donated to help children in need throughout the world.. So in addition to helping your child succeed, you're helping to save and improve the lives of other children.

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